Meet an American Patriot, the Voice for the People of Maricopa County

The record is clear that freedom leads to prosperity, opportunity and a civil society. I do not agree that Maricopa County Americans must surrender more of their individual freedoms for the comforting embrace of Big Government.

Where Constitutionalist Gail Golec Stands


Fiscal conservatives are against the government expanding beyond its means through debt.

Secure Arizona Borders

No nation can sustain itself unless it is able to secure its borders and thus protect its citizens. In Arizona, we will secure our border. We must protect public safety and I will not back down.


Medical conservatism means being cautious about implementing unproven new procedures or tests, to prevent overtreatment and harm to patients.


A conservative vision for education should entail something very different: Parents with the ability to choose the right education for their children. Less government involvement reduces corruption and big tech influence.


We often oppose secularism, state atheism, and moral relativism, viewing them as threats to the nation’s fundamental Christian belief in God.


We have a strong defense of the traditional core for family values rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics.